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Ango Story

Ango new design launch in M&O, Paris called "Transcendence-1"

Light is truth and a symbol of hope.

Let there be light.

Ango in Maison et Objet, Paris 2023


Ango suggest an optimistic vision of onward movement and openness, while meeting the inequality and climate crises through engagement with traditional hand crafting skills, use of recycled or natural easily replenishable materials and use of only very limited energy intensive manufacturing.

Serendipity, sustainable material for creating light

Ango new sustainable material.jpg

A new material created by Ango innovation lab in an open-ended quest for new combinations / juxtapositions of materials that can be used to create exciting lighting pieces. With exceptional translucency, this exciting new composite material is the

culmination of years of experimentation where tree bark fibre is combined with a unique natural plant derived stabiliser that has been lightened with a small amount of white pigmentation.

Transcedence 1 pendant light

Trancedence pendant light in living room

Flux lines of luminescence that have been created in the new Ango composite material are formed into a diaphanous cloud realised with light. The random configurations and differing intervals and intensity is of the gossamer light material beautifully modulate the light from the central light source.

Orbette modular pendant light

rattan modular pendant light "Orbette"

Taking the lead from the large Triple Orbit pendant light launched in Paris three years ago, Orbette is an exciting new modular pendant light system being shown for the first time in Maison & Objet 2023, Paris. The system can stretch from one individual light or with no upper limit.

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