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Art Exhibition

You do me, I do you exhibition bangkok

Bangkok Design Week 2023

“You do me. I do you” Exhibition


“You Do Me, I Do You” is a fruition of The Design and Object Association’s belief in the exchange of ideas and cross collaborations.

The exhibition challenges designers and their studios to step outside their comfort zones. Through material swap between each studio to create sustainable designs by using recycled material, reuse material and upcycle to add more value.


In "You do me, I do you" Exhibition, Ango do the collaboration with Touchable BKK, The Remaker and Ayodhaya to create art objects and light installation where every piece still show each brand crafting skills to present outstanding craftsmanship.

Collaboration for sustainable designs


A refuge in a world of chaos


Escape by Touchable and Ango highlights how good it is to have a mini environment that allows us to relax, rest our minds, and spend time with ourselves.

sketch for escape concept by Ango x Touchable BKK

The pouffe by Touchable is created using a woven palette of waste offcut materials to fashion a wonderfully inviting seat, while the canopy overhead by Ango in natural colour silk cocoon casts a warm, soft and protective light.

Tranquility and gentleness in your own world.

See VDO for Escape

peaceful living room
silk cocoon floor light large


Jewelry light signals from the other side


A series of bejewelled hands convey some clear universal messages and some hidden messages from beyond.

hand gesture sketched by Ango

Created with the sleeves of upcycled leather jackets (that are more difficult to reuse than the main body of the jackets), the hand gestures are then formed in the unique Ango technique of hand-welded metal filigree, before being plated in either nickel or in 22 carat gold.

See VDO for BeJewelled Hand

FEB23 - You do me, I do you_109.jpg
Hand gestures art object


A new arena in organic lighting


Art - light installation uniquely created with Ayodhya using a newly developed technique where 100% pure cotton muslin fabric is woven in a grid and then fixed with a totally plant-derived stabiliser material.

sketch for art-light-installation.jpg

All details and seams are then formed in the unique Ango technique of hand-welded metal filigree.

art-light installation by ango and ayodha in bangkok design week
ango and ayodya work in art light installation

Craft Exhibition “You do me, I do you”

is a part of Bangkok Design Week 2023. February 4-12, 2023 at The Luenrit comunity, Yaowarat, Bangkok.

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