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Ango Story

Lighting for kitchen area and living room in Garden Atlas PHuket

Unique handcrafted lighting for a unique villa “Garden Atlas Phuket”


Ango is selected for the interior lighting at the unique Garden Atlas Phuket project, one of the luxury villa collections by Phustone. The villas are located in a quiet area in the west coast of Phuket at Bangtao beach (Cherngtalay). Sarawut Kreuawan, the project founder who is also the project architect, has a vision of creating customised spaces for customers where they can create their own mood and feel in each space, so as to make every villa unique for each end user. Sarawut also puts great emphasis on using contemporary design to create luxurious living in harmony with nature. Unique interior lighting fixtures for interior

Unique lighting for master bedroom

pendant light for bedroom

With more than 700 sq.m. of floor space within the villa, the spacious master bedroom is designed for a generous open lifestyle. For this area, M2 Plus, the interior design company appointed by Sarawut selected Auroral ceiling light in copper finished for the bedroom interior. With its evocation of an incredible aura of warm light, the Auroral pendant casts light upwards onto the lustrous surface of the copper plated handworked filigree diffuser. Luminous light from Auroral pendant light lend the bedroom mysterious charm.

 ango ceiling light for bedroom

Unique ceiling light for the master bathroom

Passing through the dressing room which is lit by Hanging Nest (large), then on into the master bathroom, this area is illuminated with the very fine rattan handcrafted lighting Ovaloid selected to go with the space and the surrounding aspect through to the outside. Rattan hand-woven pendant lights go perfectly with verdant nature close at hand.

ango lighting for bathroom
Rattan pendant light for bathroom
lighting in walking closet room.jpg

Unique ceiling light fixtures for kitchen

The kitchen area needed a sophisticated lighting solution to illuminate this outstanding space, and Ango custom is creating four unique different piece, inspired by a multi layered assemblage of bejwelled wings at the entrance of Emporium. The filigree infill to each piece is subtly concaved to create a lustrous light quality across the whole surface. Each element contains multiple LED G9 light sources to refract and diffuse the light. This exclusive custom lighting will enable one to enjoy a unique and luxurious experience, living amidst natural energy flowing through the villa.

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custom lighting for living room
Ango Custom light for kitchen
Gold pendant light for living room in Garden Atlas Phuket villa
Rattan floor lamp in living room in Garden Atlas phuket
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