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Ango lighting VDO

Ango "Making of Paradise" VDO

This is the way Ango create a silk cocoon pendant light called “Paradise” It express the complexity and intensiveness in depth of one of the production techniques that we’ve innovated ourselves - each piece really a limited edition of one.

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Ango Custom Lighting Installations for Chandelier at Emporium Bangkok 2015

During 2014, in a unique collaboration with J + H Boiffils Architects, the Ango team have completed the first two sections of a grand three part scale lighting installation for the Emporium Group.

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Ango Transceiver Space at Gwangju Design Biennale 2017

Building on Ango's unique skills and experience in repurposing natural materials in the creation of sophisticated light diffusers, this installation was conceived, created and erected over three months in the summer of 2017.

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Triple and Double Orbit by ANGO

Triple Orbit by Ango, architectonic handcrafted lighting, part of the ANGO continuity series.

See detail of Triple Orbit

Changing the light source for Orbit collection VDO

This is how to change the light source of Orbit collection ANGO lighting

Ango in Museum of Arts and Design, NYC

Interviewing Ango chief designer, Angus Hutcheson from "Dead or Alive" at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), New York City, USA

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Bangkok Design Week 2022 “Future Paradise” by D + O group

The show from for BKKDW 2022 from Thai designers group D + O. Ango created a new series of lighting pieces called Infinite Flow – Sculptural handcrafted lighting” that can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light is representing eternity.

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