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Life + experiments

How ango start light business

Hand soldiered wire matrix with inter woven metalised thread

Life + experiments



Where Ango is coming from?


We start from doing what we love, developing our own designs, and then creating teams to handcraft and realise each type of production. Connecting electric dreams with originality and sophistication, we create lighting and light fantasies that are uplifting and unique.


How Ango develop and create our designs


Working at the intersection between design, materials development and innovative production processes, all of the light diffuser materials we work with has its own character and is either a "found" natural one, or a composite / natural material developed by experimentation. We observe and investigate what's possible with sometimes accidental or unpredicted outcomes.


The whole low impact / low energy intensive process of how we create our designs also represents our view of how enlightened, environmentally responsible 21st century design and production can be. The energy, purity and truthfulness of light is our starting point, creating design pieces with love that we hope will fulfill your space with light energy.


Be what you seem to be

Article about what Ango stand for

Eco lighting design

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