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Decorative lighting at Asian Restaurant

Decorative lighting at a chic Asian Fusion Restaurants in Baku




In the vibrant city of Baku, the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan, is the architectural love child of Paris and Dubai. At its heart, the Unesco-listed Old City lies within an exotically crenelated arc of a fortress wall. History and culture are waiting to be discovered. Exclusive shops and restaurants abound throughout the city. Baku Chinar Restaurant is one of 10 best Asian Fusion Restaurants recommended by TripAdivisor. Beside the multi cuisine they serve, their interior designis unique and beautiful using silk cocoon handcrafted lighting, and other cultural elements shared by Azerbaijan and China to make the restaurant exude a contemporary ambience. 


If you like a kind of fashion-conscious lounge-restaurant with an outstanding interior decoration and decorative lighting, don't miss Baku Chinar Restaurant. They prepare sophisticated dishes from basic cuisine to fillet steak with foie gras. But the main focus is imaginative Asian-fusion food.