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5 Ways to use lamp to decorate a condo

in resort style 




Arranging space in a condo's room to gain the sense of a resort style is challenging. Each furniture or lamp needs to use the least amount of space to make the most impact on your room. Ango gathered 

5 ideas of how hotels and resorts use lamp to decorate their rooms. So whatever the space your room has, it is always possible to create a good impact in your room in a resort style.

silk cocoon tabe light

1. Impact with a shade of light from a silk cocoon lamp

At Hotel Chavanel, Paris, they use bedside tables for modern table lamps. Interior designers chose handcrafted silk cocoon lamp to create a reflective impact. With the natural beauty of silk cocoon, formed as a diffuser, it created uniquely beautiful lights and shadows in the room. Just switch the light on.

Rattan table light, handcrafted

2. Two side bed lamps bring a sense of relaxing balance

At Kirimaya resort Khaoyai, they use 2 small bedside lamps in their big room. It is a great idea for decorating a condo's master bedroom if it can be arranged for two small bedside lamps. At Kirimaya, they chose very fine 3 mm. rattan, handcrafted lamps for the room. Natural material in natural form of diffuser creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere in a most affordable way.

Mulberry Tree Bark tabe light

3. Choosing unique Mulberry tree bark lamp for uniquely warm light 

In a small bedroom, decorating designs and lamps should be small as well. So the small lamp needs to be outstanding from the start. A Mulberry tree bark handcrafted lamp is unique and special. A Mulberry tree bark diffuser absorbs light from any light source and gives a warm and smooth light for the room. It makes an ordinary room special.

Handcrafted Rattan table light

4.  Wall lamps also work with a small bedside table

At Torralbenc Hotel, Spain, they designed small bedside tables for small items. Putting modern table lamps there seemed impossible. So they chose handcrafted rattan lamps as wall hanging lamps. They adjusted the distance of the light to be perfect for the designed atmosphere. The way they hang two lamps above small bedside tables is interesting. It saves space but conveys the full impact of the hotel's ambience. 

Handcrafted rattan table light

5. Custom design for table lamps to suit a master bedroom

This is another idea, by choosing lamps for your Master Bedroom. The W Koh Samui Retreat chose two large modern lamps that suited with the room's size. So table lamps need to be custom made exclusively for the hotel. Rattan wires were chosen as the main materials for diffusers. And the random weave technique was used to create a unique light that is not too bright but warm and relaxing. The table lamps here are definitely unique and special, like nowhere else. 

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