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Rattan is natural materials for sustainable lighting design


From strands of rattan, the skin is peeled off and the remaining "core" of the rattan is formed into 1 mm diameter wires in an extrusion process.

The rattan wires are then formed into unique handcrafted lighting diffusers starting with a base structure, and using the random weave technique that we've developed.


The colour of the extruded material is a soft yellow that deepens a little with age. To clean diffusers in this material, we recommend that they be dusted or lightly vacuumed.

Project using Rattan light 

Resort : W Hotel Kho Samui,Thailand

Resort: Vana Retreat, India | Kirimaya Resort Khaoyai

Restaurant : Binh Minh Restaurant, Germany

Tips : 5 ways to use Rattan lighting

Article about Rattan custom light

How far customized design can go?

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