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Decorative rattan lighing

5 Ideas for decorating with

handcrafted rattan lighting 


Rattan lights are various in designs. However, using 1.3 mm. diameter rattan wire weaving in developing a pendant, the quality of diffused light will be warm and sophisticated. Handcrafted rattan pendant will show its unique craftsmanship through space. Its look and feel will be definitely different. 


Let’s see what spaces that is spectacular with rattan weaving pendant


1. Rattan pendant in Co-working space, Mcfiva, Gaysorn Village

Mcfiva is a consulting agency in Thailand which its office is on 22nd Fl at Kaysorn Village. They chose handcrafted rattan pendant with architectonic design to decorate their Co-working space for their staff to sit and relax while working, meeting,

or having working activities. The architectonic rattan pendant design is spectacular in the space while giving relaxing ambient which is great for creative area.

Rattan pendant

2. Rattan pendant at the meeting room, DES IDEE’S ARCHITECTS 


The architect company DES IDEE’S ARCHITECTS in Phitsanulok province chose handcrafted rattan lighting with 160 cm.width to decorate their meeting room. 4 LED lights inside the rattan pendant provides enough light for working while its diffused light is great for imagination.

Rattan pendant for meeting room

3. Rattan pendant at Nikko Café, Akamai


Japanese fusion café, Nikko, Akamai brought natural ambient both indoor and outdoor space. Nikko chose “Nest”, rattan pendant inspired by real bird nest, to decorate their café at the counter area. The round unique design with hand weaving rattan makes warm and friendly ambient.

Credit image :Nikko Cafe

Rattan pendant at Nikko Cafe, Bangkok

Credit image : Nikko Café

4. Rattan pendant in a living room, a house in Portugal

For minimalist decoration, a living room needs only one unique lamp to sophisticate the space. 

Handcrafted rattan pendant in round shape can hamonise the room with its warm diffused light. 

Rattan pendant in Portugal
Rattan light at Portugal

5. Rattan pendant at the entrance area of SAA lounge at Cape Town international airport.

In 2012 Weylandts, South Africa chose handcrafted rattan pendants “Floating World” with its size 120 cm. width to decorate their elegant space to welcome guests from all over the world. Hand weaving with very fine rattan pendant in large size makes space look spectacular. 

Rattan pendant by angolight
Rattan light by Angolight
Rattan ceiling light by Angolight