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The unique look and feel of

Rattan Pendant Light by Ango


With their organic forms and sophisticated light quality, rattan pendant lights handcrafted by Ango are created in rattan material that is uniquely supplied in a very fine grade for this purpose.

Rattan pendants diffuse the light with 1mm. rattan strands

rattan material Ango use to create rattan lights

From untreated rattan, the skin is peeled off and the remaining "core" of the rattan is formed into 1 mm diameter wires in an extrusion process. The rattan wires are then formed into unique handcrafted lighting diffusers starting with a base structure, and using the random weave technique that we've developed.

sustainable lighting

Natural touch with sophisticated rattan lighting designs

With its warm light, rattan pendant lighting is selected by architects, interior designers and project owners to uplift their space such as private homes, hotels, resorts and large common spaces. Every Ango rattan pendant light is handmade piece by piece and can also be customised so as to create a unique piece for a specific space.

1. Rattan pendant light for the hotel bedroom

Hotel bedroom lights

Esteva Architects selected the rattan pendant light “Hanging World” for alongside the bed in each bedroom, for both in Ibiza Gran Hotel and Torralbenc Hotel, stylish hotel resorts in the Balearic Islands of Spain. The firm loves the warm light achieved with the organic form and all the sustainability that is embodied in the design. It was the intention that each pendant would be hung low, and so they were all customised to be accessible from under the diffuser (rather than from above).

rattan pendant light bedroom
rattan pendant light bedroom

Hanging World by Ango

Hanging World pendant lamp diffuser is composed around a flattened tetrahydron structure, which is then clad with superfine extruded rattan, generating a warm and beautiful light quality.

Bedroom Lights


In a vacation house in Khaoyai, Thailand, “Unit pendant-R” luxuriously stripped down electro native

pendant lights with copper finish base were selected for the bedrooms.

rattan pendant light small
modern rattan pendant light

Unit Pendant-R by Ango

The pendant lamp is created with very fine 1 mm. rattan hand-woven. The structure of the handcrafted pendant light Unit Pendant-R evokes a flattened sphere or mini world, which is then clad with around one kilometre of superfine rattan in the random weave developed by Ango. When used in such a fine extrusion, the rattan material has a great light translucency and reflectivity.

2. Rattan pendant light for living room

Small rattan pendant light

For a sense of tranquility and nature, Vana Retreat, India selected “Hanging Nest” and Nest series for their interior decoration this top wellness resort that is surrounded by beautiful nature.

rattan pendant light small
rattan lamps living room

Hanging Nest (large) by Ango

Hanging Nest pendant light is an elemental and universal form, that is incarnated with light that is

diffused literally through miles of loose woven fine rattan filament. Ango’s own unique technique of rattan

hand-weaving embodies skill and sophistication to create pieces that bring a basic emblem of warmth

and shelter into the home.

Large rattan pendant light

For a high ceilinged living room, the architectonic rattan pendant pieces in the “Orbit series” are selected for their sculptural qualities such as in a living space at Chalet les Granges, France and at a private home.

modern rattan pendant light

Orbit series of architectonic lighting

Triple Orbit and Double Orbit pendant lights are unique architectonic lighting pieces alluding to infinity. Created with two or three hand woven rattan interlocking organic light ring forms, the pieces present many possibilities in how they are suspended either individually, or in a group and also lend themselves to being expanded or customised for a particular space, depending on the situation and characteristics.

3. Rattan pendant light for the dining room.

With either extended length or circular format, rattan pendant lighting in large size is often selected to be suspended above a rectangular or circular table.

rattan pendant light over dining table

Ovaloid pendant light by Ango

Ovaloid by Ango explores the magic of natural materials, the design taking on the form of an extended eclipse. When used in such a fine extrusion, the rattan material has a great translucency and reflectivity, which subtly modulates the light.

rattan pendant light over dining table

Yellow Crown ceiling light by Ango

Yellow Crown is part of a new generation of lighting by Ango that explores the magic of natural materials combined with LED lamp technology, the design takes on the noble form of the crown, to create a perfect ring of superfine rattan in a random weave developed by Ango.

4. Rattan pendant in custom size for common space.

For a particular space, Ango in certain casess specially created customised rattan pendants, working in collaboration with the architects and interior design team to create a unique solution.

The Datai Hotel, Langkawi

Large scale rattan pendant lighting was created especially for spaces such as the living areas and pool table rooms. New World rattan pendant is customized for the space with sustainable design to go with the tropical forest surrounding of The Datai Langkawi project.

pool table lights

New World

New World rattan pendant light diffuser is a circular / ovaloid form, which is then clad with superfine extruded

rattan, which when installed, generates a warm and generous light quality. Ango use our own unique

technique of random hand weaving to create this unique pendant, and New World can be customised to

larger sizes with the same unique diffuser form.

W hotel Samui

Ango worked closely with Architects P49 to create custom version of large rattan pendant lighting called

“The World” with 2 metres diameter to be a rotating globe of light hanging above each table in the dining

area. See more rattan pendant lights in W Hotel Samui

large rattan pendant light

5. Rattan lights as sculptural pendant lighting for Art Exhibition.

"Infinite Flow no 5 by Ango" , handcrafted sculptural pendant light within the Infinite Flow series, first

launched in Bangkok Design Week 2022. The pieces in this series can be seen as archetypes, that are

emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light is representing eternity. In

Infinite Flow no 5, the liquid lines of light of the piece are described in rattan material, whose

translucence and light refraction generate a wonderful warmth for your space.

Double Infinite Flow is customized for bigger space in Mango Art Festival 2022.

sculptural pendant light
sculptural pendant light by ango

Rattan ceiling light by Ango, unique lighting design with sustainability

If you love uniqueness with sophisticated designs, crafts and nature touch with warm light, Rattan ceiling lighting by Ango is a good choice for your interior. The rattan materials for every Ango design is 1 mm in diameter that makes Ango rattan pendants unique in itself, and each piece is hand crafted utilising the techniques that we’ve developed ourselves from the ground up.


Production of all pieces by Ango is centred on a hybrid of modern technology coupled with Thai hand crafted techniques with every piece created ecologically and utilising minimal energy for sustainability.


See rattan lighting in Art Exibition

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