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Art Exhibition


Future Paradise Exhibition

in Bangkok Design Week


The show for #BKKDW2022 from Thai designers group The Design & Objects Association was focused on how we can contribute to creating our own paradise here /now, and standout designs which can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of the idea of a future paradise were shown by over 20 members of the group.

Ango showcase sculpture lighting fixture in Bangkok Design Week

The event during Bangkok Design Week 2022 between February 5-13, 2022, took place in the historic building of Bamrongnukulkitch Printing Office in Phanakhon district.

Sculpture lighting in Future Paradise Exhibition in BKKDW2022

As each member of the group is mostly creating using a combination of modern technology coupled with Thai hand crafted techniques, this unique approach to design was highlighted in the show. This way of working offers and suggests a path into a better future with real solutions to the inequality and climate crises through its engagement with traditional hand crafting skills and all the very localised employment that this brings with it; through its use and encouragement of natural easily replenish able materials; through its frequent use of recycled or discarded materials; through its use of only limited energy intensive machine manufacturing equipment. In the designs themselves, the technical informs the humanised and the humanised informs the technical to create in each case something of real value that conveys warmth, good energy and sophistication.

BKKDW2022 future paradise exhibition.jpg

Infinite Flow by Ango for Bangkok Design Week

The elemental designs within the Infinite Flow series can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light is representing eternity.

See VDO of Infinite Flow in the Exhibition

Sculpture lighting fixtures by Ango
modern sculpture lamp
sculptural table lamp

The liquid lines of light of the pieces describe a kind of finite infinity, and are created in rattan for indoor siting and in steel for indoor / outdoor siting.

Each piece proposes an optimistic vision of onward movement and openness, and as all pieces by Ango, this series is created via a hybrid of handweaving with current manufacturing methods.

Falong, Outdoor lighting designs by Ango in collaboration with Dots Design Studio

modern outdoor lighting by Ango

Forms found in nature such as the hexagonal structure of the honeycomb, snowflake formations and the structure of bubbles are all creations that nature has developed as extraordinarily efficient systems. In the Falong series, the complexity of bubble structures has been refined and reimagined to form three dimensional pieces, where light reflected and refracted between the light source and the structure of the light body

Dots design studio + Ango for Bangkok design week

Falong is an exciting sculptural lighting collection that similarly brings a unique marriage of modern metallurgy and machining with age old hand forming techniques carried out by master craftsmen.

Ango showcase sculptural lighting

Exhibition: Future Paradise
Event: Bangkok Design Week, February 5-13, 2022

Location: Bamrongnukulkitch Printing Office

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