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Ango Story

Silk cocoon custom lighting to Art piece in Art Exhibition in MAD, NYC

Dead or Alive, Museum of Art and Design,

New York (MAD)


The Dead or Alive Exhibition focused on works by a selected group of artists from around the world who have turned to once-living things for the raw material with which to make art. These hunters and gatherers resurrect lifeless things, breathing new life into inert matter by transforming the humble, worthless, and discarded detritus of life into “living” art. Through works made from organic materials, artists choose to address social, political, emotional, and spiritual issues that are both timely and timeless. “Dead or Alive” Museum of Arts and Design, New York, April to October 2012

Ango created the EIGHT THOUSAND MILES OF HOME light installation for MAD, NYC, showcasing the magic of the light diffused by thousands of hand-selected silk cocoon.

EIGHT THOUSAND MILES OF HOME silk cocoon light installation art piece in Art Exhbition

The special piece is created as all pieces by Ango at their own workshops within the spirit of “techno craft” where production is centred on a hybrid of modern technology coupled with Thai hand crafted techniques, the proposes a path into a better future with real solutions to the inequality and climate crises through its engagement with traditional hand crafting skills and all the very localised employment that this brings with it; through its use and encouragement of natural easily replenishable materials; through its frequent use of recycled or discarded materials; through its use of only limited energy intensive machine manufacturing equipment.

Within Ango pieces themselves, the technical informs the humanised and the humanised informs the technical to create in each case something of real value that conveys warmth, good energy and sophistication.

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Ango silk cocoon living art in Museum of Art and Design, New York

“As soon as I first saw the silk cocoon, I knew it had great potential as a diffuser of light, and we could create designs with an iridescent ‘atomised’ quality from it.”

- Angus Hutcheson


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The special light installation EIGHT THOUSAND MILES OF HOME by Ango

The special installation piece EIGHT THOUSAND MILES OF HOME consists of around twelve thousand silk cocoons assembled on a hand soldered wire matrix. Each cocoon built by a silkworm as home contains two thirds of a mile of filament, so that the total displayed in the installation totals eight thousand miles. The form of the piece represents one half of a figure of eight, which is the movement that the silkworm takes three hundred thousand times in order to create each cocoon.

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EIGHT THOUSAND MILES OF HOME - Ango lighting piece in Museum
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