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Art Exhibition

Mango art festival 2022 ango light.jpg

ANGO exhibit at Mango Art Festival,

River City, Bangkok 2022


Ango believe in creating outstanding lighting pieces wher we try to represent purity and truthfulness.


Having developed our own unique techniques of hand crafted production and by creating every light by hand, each and every piece is a limited edition.  And in each design, the determination and patience and focus that each artisan has devoted to each piece is harnessed to create positive energy.

ANGO EDITIONS, the magic of light and collaboration


Ango Editions is the title of a new collaboration platform that is about coming together in a spirit of openness and empathy. 


In that spirit, the aim is to invite people from different disciplines to come on board, bringing their perspectives to create unique, uplifting light + art that can spark magic. 


Lighting conveys feelings, meanings. More than light, it can elevate and shift the temperament around, and within. push boundaries with forms, materials and technique. 


And it is with this vision that Ango present a new collaboration series working with a unique mixed media material that has  fantastic light diffusing qualities and translucency. The material is mulberry based and has been in development for many years.


Ango present:

‘NOW’ Light Sculpture series by Nino Sarabutra and ANGO

Angus Hutcheson Ango designer

Nino Sarabutra’s work focus on simple communication. In ‘NOW’ series Nino expresses simple messages from few common words. Messages that motivate action, decision, and determination. 
‘I always love the way ANGO lights lit up the room in the angelic, atmospheric and dreamy way. Those lights feel poetic without trying to spell out any message.  
In our first collaboration, I want to explore if lighting could convey certain meanings, ignite some thoughts or even provoke some actions. If so more than light, it can change, elevate and infuse the temperament around, and within pushing boundaries with forms, materials and technique.’

Know more About Nino Sarabutra


In ‘NOW’ series, ANGO created the organic form from ultra-thin, semitransparent mulberry fiber then Nino played with the idea in a true mixed media nature. Additional layers of linen, tread, paper, acrylic in her signature style of texts, skulls & butterflies’ motif were collaged on.  


‘It’s such a bliss to be working with the master of natural materials like Angus Hutcheson of ANGO. I’ve been in love with his lighting for more than 20 years. We work in different tempos but working with him is like bumping into each other in a good club - we enjoy trancing in the same tunes.

Ango also present:

HALLUCIN-ATION Light Sculpture series by Angus Hutcheson

Emanating from a kind of severely sleep deprived hallucination / meditative state while working on drawing for my final thesis as a student I had a perception of everything being doubled, and this has stayed with me very vividly ever since.


This is my re creation in light and colour using differnt translucent paints directly onto the mulberry material.

Know more about Angus Hutcheson

Mulberry fibre with mix media by Ango

Within the field of lighting design, we present:

INFINITE FLOW NOS 3 and 6 by Ango

The elemental designs within the Infinite Flow series can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light is representing eternity.


The liquid lines of light of the pieces describe a kind of finite infinity, and are created in rattan for indoor siting and in steel for indoor / outdoor siting.


Each piece proposes an optimistic vision of onward movement and openness, and as all pieces by Ango, this series is created via a hybrid of handweaving with current manufacturing methods.

Sculpture pendant lights

GOLDEN BOY special collection

Ango present a special mini collection made up of Garden Boy chair, and Garden Boy  bench in an amazing titanium gold finish.


Garden Boy and Garden Bench Boy take as starting point the random weave of some Ango lighting designs to create a shimmering wave aesthetic with steel strands. 

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