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Dining room ceiling light made of silk cocoon

7 Modern lighting ideas for home decor




Choosing modern ceiling light for home decoration clearly has no rules and depends very much both on each individual space and personal taste. Each volume has its own characteristics that are unique with its own proportions and particularities.


Decorating a home even sometimes calls out for customised lighting to be created for a specific space, and this article shows some ideas for using modern pendant lights in different residential and hotel spaces with some information on how the lighting was installed in each specific space.

Silk cocoon lighting in dining room

1. Modern silk cocoon ceiling light for the dining room

With the miracle of each silk cocoon being uniquely formed by its maker, then handcrafted and formed into a modern circular light, White Crown was selected to decorate the dining table at this home in Bangkok. The pendant design took and exploited hand-selected cocoon silk to the full by illuminating it with the miracle of electric light.


With a ceiling height of 2.50 metres, a pair of White Crown pendants was set up to be centred on the dining table, not too low, but so the underside of the two diffusers is at 1.0 metre below ceiling level.

Silk cocoon lighting above dinig table
Dining room ceiling light like art pieces in dining room

Credit image @KitchenMagazine

2. Modern ceiling lights for a long dining table

For long dining tables, in this case well over 3 metres, sometimes a multi pendant light solution can be the best solution. For the Lake House by Yoo located in the UK, the Cascadence, silk cocoon ceiling light was selected. Each piece is 26 cm diameter x 30 cm high, and is hung at differing levels along the length of the dining table, which is centrally placed in the space.


Level hanging of small pendant lights in a series is another idea for a long table as opposed to using one large ceiling light.

Dining room ceiling light in lake house in UK

Cr. Architect: Lake by Yoo, UK | Light consultant : Future Light Design

3. Modern ceiling light for kitchen island

ceiling light for kitchen

Lighting in the kitchen often has to act both in illuminating work surfaces and at the same work as a decorative piece. Filament is created in handworked steel filigree, where the connecting points of the structure are individually hand welded, so that the multiple nodes of light refraction are apparently suspended in space.


In this case modern pendant lighting for a kitchen island can create a wonderful ambience throughout the kitchen space and at the same time with a powerful downlight beam, function as task lighting.

modern ceiling light for kitchen
modern pendant lights for kitchen

Credit image @KitchenMagazine

4. High ceiling light for a loft living room

For this loft type living room where the ceiling height is over 8.0 metres, the space called out for a custom piece.


At the time, the Triple Orbit lamp, a unique large scale spectacular lighting piece alluding to infinity and a triple affinity was being developed. Created with three handcrafted rattan interlocking organic light ring forms, the Triple Orbit has multiple installation possibilities and also lends itself to being expanded or customised for a particular space, depending on the situation and characteristics.


As a result, for this project a special oversized vertical format version of Triple Orbit was developed to create an iconic lighting piece for this lofty space. With its unique large scale and very fine rattan diffuser, the installation creates warm and beautiful lighting ambience throughout the living room, and spreads out also into the adjoining areas that come off the main space.

Lighting for loft living room
high ceiling pendant light

Credit image: PING AMRANAND

5. Modern ceiling light for living room

For a home or apartment where the ceiling height is around a regular 2.50 metres, the lighting for the living room can be problematic especially when seeking a statement ceiling light. La Maison Radieuse, the interior design company in France solved that problem for ROCHE Project by selecting the unique handcrafted lighting Double Orbit H, which is set up to be hung horizontally, and can have a stunning impact on the interior.


Double Orbit H is a part of the Ango continuity series where two rattan handcrafted interlocking organic light ring forms reference a double infinity ring and the eternal bond this represents. Multiple hanging options for the piece allow for its optimal installation, and the design can also be customised to suit a particular space.

Modern rattan pendant light for living room
architectural ceiling light by Ango

Cr.Image : La Maison Radieuse

6. Modern lighting for the bedroom

rattan pendant light bedroom

Rather than two bedside table lamps, one effective solution for bedroom lighting is to hang pendants each side of the bed which can save space on the bedside for books, water, and so on. Ibiza Gran Hotel in Spain the leading 5 star hotel on Ibiza island selected the unique rattan handcrafted ceiling light Hanging World for their interior, and this was customised so that the diffuser was closed on top with the aperture under.


Hanging World is composed around a flattened tetrahydron structure, which is then clad with superfine extruded rattan, generating a warm and effusive light quality.

Rattan bedside lamps

7. Modern ceiling light for the home library

Jewelry lighting

Credit image: PING AMRANAND

A home library can be a sanctuary and of course a great place for your life time collections of books, CDs, records or objects that bring back memorable moments. The space often calls out for sophisticated lighting design, and Daffy Diamond, a modern lighting pendant in a diamond form, is part of the Ango jewellery series of lighting where myriad points of light are created within an overall form by hand welding the connecting points of the structure.


The unique nature of the piece reveals all these nodes of light refraction as appearing to be suspended in space. A home library with a great light ambience can make your day uplifting and aesthetic.

Modern lighting means more than designs but environmental consideration

Ango modern ceiling light and furniture designs are very largely created with either natural materials or materials that have been recycled. As well as developing our own handmade techniques working with natural materials, the techniques developed for the jewellery series of lighting designs use recycled steel and 100% lead-free welds so that the whole portfolio is created ecologically and using minimal energy in its manufacture.


Ango lighting design and furniture are beautifully sustainable pieces for your modern living. Read more about Ango Eco lighting design

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