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Ango studio in Bangkok-Thailand

Ango Home Studio




Ango home studio building in the Ari district of Bangkok was designed by architect / Ango chief designer Angus Hutcheson. The venue acts as Ango’s head office where brainstorming, experimental processes and testing take place, while also doubling as a residential space for living.

Ango home studio in Bangkok-Thailand

Live the way we love at Home Studio

The building very much cross refers to the Ango values of creating lighting designs with purity and truthfulness, and embraces the use of natural light, open space and natural cross ventilation. The front garden is at the core with nearly every space opening directly into or looking onto this, and the main areas within the building are the front garden, kitchen & dining area, working studio, living room, meditation space and bedrooms.

ango office in Thailand

Cooking & Dining space in Ango Home Studio

In the Ango home studio, the kitchen & dining area takes a big role within the house, and has special sets of lighting for the kitchen island, uniquely created with three layered hand-welding pendant lights in matt white finish, while the dining area is lit with custom versions of White Crown silk cocoon ceiling lights hung above dining table, to convey warmth, good energy and sophistication.

Pendant light for dining room-white crown.jpg
white pendant light by Ango, kitchen pedant light
Kitchen pendant light white-Filament.jpg
kitchen pendant lights

Relaxing in high ceiling living room

In the double height living room space, Triple Orbit pendant is selected as a signature lighting sculpture piece by Ango, while for the meditation space, a set of 30 pieces of the “Firmament-1 Gold” chandelier is installed where multifaceted jewel drop-like pieces refract and reflect the light from the source to create a subtle and luxurious aura.

Ango Home Studio in Bangkok, Building completion: 2019

Credit image : @Kitchen Magazine

rattan pendant light living room
Gold chandelier modern - Firmament gold by Ango
unique gold pendant lights
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