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Auspiciousness Feng Shui Eggs




Auspciousness pieces for Feng Shui

Auspiciousness or good fortune and success in life can be enabled by good Feng Shui practice, and Ango became involved in 2021 in the project with Kotchakorn Promchai to create beautiful energy inducing Feng Shui pieces, created by hand, which have a good energy around them as well as commanding auspiciousness.


When visiting our studio Kotchakorn Promchai saw great potential in one Ango technique of handcrafted filigree metalwork where interconnecting points are hand welded creating light refraction is around each one. Her feeling was that this

technique lends itself very much to creating Feng Shui elements, that harness the determination and patience and focus that each artisan is devoting to each piece.


And so the collaboration was formed, using the energy and purity and truthfulness put into each piece to create contemporary design Feng Shui elements, starting with Auspiciousness Eggs in silver, gold and copper, which can help to create balance within your environment. Auspiciousness Eggs are also a great gift to someone who you think can benefit from them.

The meaning of Auspiciousness Feng Shui Eggs

The overall form means harmony, safety and a smooth path towards achieving goals. The proportion of 52 to 54 mm in length signifies a wealthy life and the width of 42 to 44 mm signifies happiness and prosperity, while the coins placed inside

each egg signify good fortune, good luck harmony and spiritual support.

Auspiciousness eggs.jpg

Silver auspicious pieces

The colour of peace, justice, intelligence, future-facing, communication, maternity, happiness and prosperity.

Gold auspicious pieces

The colour of power, virtue, prestige, leadership, happiness and prosperity.

Copper auspicious pieces

The colour of elegance, happiness, charm, popularity, imagination and wealth.

The three colours of Auspiciousness Eggs

The three different colours of Auspiciousness Eggs reflect different aspects in the creation of new energy, happiness and prosperity. Bringing Auspiciousness Eggs into your home or place of work can bring harmony in love, along with good family

relations and good fortune in your career, at the same time enabling wealth generation for you, your parents, children and the team who you work with.

Feng shui elements

The significance of the numbering used in creating the Auspiciousness Eggs

Number 1 signifies success, victory, smoothness in life, leadership and recognition.

Number 6 signifies unexpected fortune, divine blessing, imagination and happiness.

Number 8 signifies wealth, power, popularity and spiritual support.

Number 9 signifies a plenty of propitiousness and auspiciousness.


Each egg is then designed to house 8 silver coins, that are doubled so 16 coins in total; 9 gold coins that are then doubled,

so 18 coins; and 10+9 copper coins so 19 coins in total. The technique of doubling is used to increase auspiciousness along

with power, and the sequence 8, 9, 10 signifies an increasing power of auspiciousness. So with each piece of Auspiciousness Egg, the propitiousness is maximised in every way and it is recommended you can try one Auspiciousness Egg or one set of three eggs, to gain energy and then build up to 9 elements.

How to place by Auspiciousness Eggs for Feng Shui 2024 within your home.

It is recommended to

  • place Auspiciousness Eggs on the work desk space to work smoothly and gain good luck.

  • place Auspiciousness Eggs on study table to encourage creativity

  • place the eggs near to the computer for stock market investments.

  • place the eggs on the cashier table, by the safe, or on a shelf with the other decorative items.

Feng shui for work desk

Positioning Auspiciousness Eggs in 2024 for their power to purge.

Composed of silver, gold or copper metal and also containing silver, gold, and copper coins, Auspiciousness Eggs can be Feng Shui elements that purge bad luck and create good fortune.


For this purpose Auspiciousness Eggs can be placed in the place of work in these directions:


Placing Auspiciousness Eggs in the middle of the building

Placing 3 colored Feng Shui eggs or auspicious eggs in the middle of the house to stimulate the auspicious energy of

the 9th era from 2024 onwards in terms of good fortune and wealth. This will smoothly bring prosperity, good news to everyone.

Placing Feng Shui Eggs to dispel bad lucks in 2024

Because the auspicious eggs are handmade of metal and filled with gold, copper and silver coins. Therefore, it is a feng shui element for dissolving bad energy into good. Ready to bring good fortune to you as follows

  • The Northeast direction for those who are born in the year of the ox

  • The Southeast direction for those who are born in the year of the Dragon

  • The Southwest direction for those who are born in the year of the Goat

  • The Northwest for those who are born in the year of the Dog


Placing Auspiciousness Eggs by the bed to generally bring good health.

Feng shui for wealth

To encourage good fortune

It is recommended to touch and softly shake Auspiciousness Eggs, then pray for what you desire. Positioning the Auspiciousness eggs on good days and at good timings as suggested by master Kotchakorn Promchai will assist them to fulfill their power.

How to select Auspiciousness eggs or Feng Shui Eggs.

The pieces can be mixed in colour but it is recommended to choose a mix of three colours for prosperity and two colours for couples prosperity.

Feng shui for home decoration

Who should have Auspiciousness Eggs?

The Auspiciousness Egg is a Feng Shui element that gains in energy starting with the determination patience and meditative skill shown by the artisans who create each piece by hand. This good fortune is for everyone no matter what year you are born, and these Feng Shui elements will encourage success and good luck. The Auspiciousness egg helps to create great Feng Shui for your existing home, for the inauguration of your new home, or Feng Shui for starting a business, and will create positive energy, encouraging bad luck to dissipate.

Buy Auspiciousness Eggs


at Ango store in 1stDIBS 

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