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Ango Story

Light installation at Emporium Bangkok

Ango Custom Lighting Installations for Chandelier at Emporium Bangkok 2015




Ango design, develop and create luxury handcrafted lighting. The energy, purity and truthfulness of light is our starting point, and from the outset, the combination of fresh forms with innovative use of materials has marked out Ango designs.


During 2014, in a unique collaboration with J + H Boiffils Architects, the Ango team have completed the first two sections of a grand three part scale lighting installation for the Emporium Group.


We now give a view behind the scenes of this latest achievement for Ango Custom lighting, our growing section that specialises in creating custom pieces.


The Emporium is unashamedly a luxury destination, and this along with the sheer scale of the spaces lead to the epic solutions realised for them.


Custom lighting at the main void

For the main void area, a 21 metre installation was envisaged with a myriad of “gilded lilies” each one containing

a multiplicity of light points, each acting as a light diffuser.


After months of development and testing, fabrication of the 500 illuminated flower diffusers got underway, constituting thousands of hours of dedication and focus on the part of our team to realize the dream. Each of the flower elements

was then plated in gold or nickel, before being fixed on site into the master structure.


Many visitors gazed in wonder even as the piece was being erected, and many more gaze now that it’s completed.

Chandelier at emporium
Chandelier at Emporium created by Ango

Custom lighting at the Entrance area

For the Emporium main entrance area between Cartier and Louis Vuitton, a multi layered assemblage of “bejwelled wings” was conceptualized, and as well as each element containing light sources, there is secondary light reflected onto the wings from the gold leaf ceiling above.


Again, there was a rigorous development and testing process, followed by months of fabrication in creating the six different forms and the subtly concave jewel like infill, where as in the main void piece, there are thousands of light points that refract and diffuse the light.

Handcrafted lighting at Louis Vuitton shop Emporium Bangkok
Unique handcrafted lighting by Ango at Emporium Bangkok

Thanks Architect and team who done custom lighting 

Many thanks to J+H Boiffils, especially Henri Boiffils, Jacqueline Boiffils and Basile Boiffils for the great collaboration in making this spectacular project happen.


Thank you also to our own production team for all their heartfelt and patient effort in creating each timeless Ango lighting masterpiece for the Emporium Group.

J+H Boiffis Architect and Angus Hutcheson
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