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spa interior lighting decoration

Interior lighting in spa for true relaxation at Calm Spa



Calm Spa, the minimal luxury resort-spa in the heart of Ari, brings the most spectacular time from the moment one shares with themselves in bliss, and savors the perfect indulgence to embrace the body's calmness. Interior lighting is one thing they concern. 


Every detail and element in Calm spa is carefully selected, such as music, spa treatments, spa scents and unique landscape lighting. They chose only the best organic spa products for their unique scents.


For interior design, they chose unique handcrafted lighting using mulberry tree bark "Unit (pendant-M) and very fine rattan materials "Double Orbit" that have great translucency and light reflectivity. Every handmade lighting envelop one in a smooth warm and relaxing atmosphere amidst the serene greenery through their pastel colour scheme. 


Interior lighting that is selected for spa

Unit (pendant-M) 

A unique handcrafted pendant light made of mulberry tree bark is hung in reception area and also in spa treatment room.

Unit (pendant-R)

Uniquely stripped down electro native lighting, where the structure evokes a flattened sphere or mini world with superfine rattan in a random weave. Unit (pendant-R) is selected for another spa treatment room. When used in such a fine extrusion, the rattan material has a great light translucency and reflectivity.

Double Orbit pendant light by Ango

Part of the Ango continuity series where two handcrafted interlocking organic light ring forms reference a double infinity ring and the eternal bond this represents. Multiple hanging options for the piece allow for its optimal installation, and the design can be customised to suit a particular space.

Firmament-1 Gold chandelier by Ango

Firmament series, where multifaceted jewel drop-like pieces refract and reflect the light from the source to create a sophisticated and luxurious aura. Firmament-1 Gold is selected for staircase area.

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