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rattan ceiling light

Custom pendant lighting at Calle Serrano,

the most posh street of Madrid




The bustling street in the heart of Madrid, Calle Serrano was reviewed by Trip Advisor, called it the 5th Avnue of Madrid. There is the 6 floor-flagship store for the high-end shopping and designer boutiques with striking interior design and spectacular custom pendant lighting. You will find Adolfo Domínguez set up the most spectacular store in the city here.

If you go to Madrid, don’t miss Calle Serrano, one of the best shopping street in Europe.

Interior lighting in the shop is remarkable uniquely craft with rattan


This area is illuminated with the very fine rattan handcrafted ceiling light “Ovaloid” selected to go with the space. With main chandelier is like an art pieces, the customised lighting is professionally crafted this area to be a stunning beautiful space.

Chandelier at Calle Serrano, Madrid