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Art Exhibition

Mango art festival - Ango

Ango in Mango Art Festival

3-6 April, 2021 at Lhong 1919



ANGO is the unique architect lead handcrafted brand, where lighting designs are created, striking a balance between concept, form and the handmade techniques / materials being put into play.


Ango lighting and furniture designs are very largely created with natural or recycled materials; silk cocoon, rattan,

mulberry tree bark, or handworked steel with 100% lead-free welds as in the jewellery series of lighting, every piece

created ecologically and utilising minimal energy.


A recurring theme in the Ango presentation at Mango Art Festival is the use of gold, which is so special in its interaction with light, as unlike other metals, which in their pure form reflect light straight back, the actual molecules within the material "slosh around a little," with the result that gold has a unique reflectivity.


" gold has also been represented as weightless, a misty, glowing medium in which sacred forms float as they take on physical presence.”

- Simon Schama

Ango Gold chair collection


Ango present a special mini collection made up of Garden Boy chair, and Garden Boy bench along with the Ango classic piece Chrysalis Sky, all reworked in an amazing titanium gold finish.

Garden Boy and Garden Bench Boy take as starting point the random weave of some Ango lighting designs to create a shimmering wave aesthetic with steel strands. Chrysalis Sky was conceived as a kind of “orb” or hanging world suspended from the most delicate structure that could be conceived, with the diffuser composed of a random configuration of individual silk cocoons, each attached to a hand soldered wire matrix.


Also launching at Mango Art Festival is the start of a new collaboration platform that is about coming together in a spirit of openness and empathy.


In that spirit, the aim is to invite people from different disciplines to come on board, infusing their perspectives to create unique, uplifting light + art that can spark magic.


Lighting conveys feelings, meanings. More than light, it can elevate and shift the temperament around, and within. push boundaries with forms, materials and technique.


And it is with this vision that Ango present the first of our collaboration series, staying with the theme of gold. In its pure form, gold is bright and reflective, and like light, it embodies the essence of truth, clarity; it is enlightening and sacred.

Ango collaboration platform


A new beginning and a new freedom in creating totally unique large scale lights in mixed media techniques.

The first piece depicting the delight and pleasure of angels cavorting in space, combined with the sacred energy of light.

Asawin Phanichwatana in Mango Art Festival


“TRI”: by APJ

A collaboration between Ango and renowned creative Asawin Phanichwatana



If light had a shape, what would it be?

If light conveyed feelings, how would it make you feel?

If light had meaning, what does it mean?


We believe light is the starting point of belief, of hope. 

That physical light not only brings light to space, but also to the heart.

With this belief came the concept of “TRI”, the sacred number three, in the form of an equilateral triangle:

The triangle looks like a light shining down, spreading warmth.

The triangle also represents the path to enlightenment, revelation and a higher perspective.

Each triangle on “TRI” is made up of temple gold foil.

Each piece of gold foil is delicately assembled by hand onto artisan paper with

ancient wax. One by one, piece of piece, the process is meditative, almost sacred.

With it, we hope to bring comfort, clarity and blessings... to those who seek it.

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