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Ango Story

Furniture design by Ango & Moonler

Furniture design in collaboration 

between Ango & Moonler


Ango have collaborated with Moonler, the furniture company to create two special furniture design for Maison et Objet show, Paris during 6-10 September 2019 in the space of T-Style : Craft Object Space. For the show, which was supported by DITP, Ango brought their unique skills in creating handcrafted lighting to collaborate with Moonler who specilaise in the very high quality use of rainwood tree timber to create unique light / furniture objects for this event. There are two pieces separately designed by Ango and Moonler.

MOONL-Light, A bench / light with metal jewel light

bench with light design

MOONL-Light, design a bench with light 

MOONL-Light is a wooden bench with a handcrafted diffuser head in filigree metal designed by Angus Hutcheson, founder and chief designer of Ango. MOONL-Light show the real skills of craftsmanship of each brand. The bench crafted in natural coloured rainwood timber, and the Ango handsoldered wire metrix table light, breaking out through the top left section of the bench. 

Bench with light design
Furniture design "Bench with light" by Ango & Moonler

DesignerAngus Hutcheson

• Lighting – Handworked steel + Brass plating

• Bench – Rainwood timber
Size: 860mm W x 40mm D x 1430mm H

QIN, Rattan table light with rainwood timber base

Rattan Table light

Qin is a collaboration furniture design between Moonler and Ango representing two skills of craftsmanship between rattan weaving and wood technique, designed by Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri, one of Moonler’s main designers. Qin shows special skills in the use of rainwood timber, while the diffuser by Ango is created in their signature random weave rattan. Qin becomes

a table light with a gorgeous combination of handcrafted lighting and wood craftsmanship that is contemporary but quintessentially Asian.

Table light sketch
Design table light made of rattan

Designer : Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri

Light diffuser – Handwoven rattan
Light base – Rainwood timber

Size: 255mmW x 255mmD x 450mmH

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