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Art Exhibition

Ango at Bangkok Design Week 2019

Bangkok Design Week 2019


Joining in the creative Bangkok vibe, Ango showcase within BKKDW 2019 during 26 January - 3 February 2019. Ango exhibit the handcrafted pieces in two different locations.

What Ango exhibit in Bangkok Design Week 2019

There is annually design festive in Bangkok. This year, Ango exhibit one of Ango signature lighting and our signature handcrafted techniques for collaboration piece with Yothaka.

1. Ango presents signature handmade technique on 20 TOPS DESIGN 

by The Design & Object Association where 20 of the top designers were invited to each create a table highlighting their ideology. Ango create "Elemental Bond" 

2. Ango exhibit in the Showcase & Exhibition

where Ango show Triple Orbit, a light installation of three handcrafted rattan interlocking elements.

Furniture design for exhibition at Bangkok Design Week
Furniture design at Bangkok design week

Furniture Design "Elemental Bond " by Ango


For The Design & Object Association: 20 TOPS DESIGN “Every table top has a story” in collaboration with, using the steel table base by Yothaka as a starting point,


Craft of Furniture Design

Ango created a kind of table / light where an architectonic lighting element erupts from the table top. Three interlocking handcrafted metal forms created using handworked metal filigree technique, reference a triple infinity ring and the bond this represents, while the table top is composed of random timber offcuts


Venue & Materials

Location :   20 TOPS DESIGN

                    at the front of TCDC Building.

Materials :  Gold plated

                    handworked metal filigree

                    Osram PL-CN111-G2

                    light source

                    Timber offcuts

                    Yothaka steel table base

Architectonic handcrafted lghting

Light Installation "Triple Orbit" by Ango


An innovative architectonic piece, the light installation is made up of three handcrafted rattan interlocking organic light ring forms also alluding to a triple affinity.


Triple Orbit has been developed from Double Orbit in response to the exhibition space and has many hanging configurations that can be adapted at will, depending on the situation and characteristics of where it will be hung.

Venue & Materials

Location :  TCDC building FL.2nd

                   (Back building)

Materials :  Random weave of

                   superfine rattan

                   G9 LED Filament 3W x 77

                   light source


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Light installation showcase at Bangkok Design Week
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